The challenge was to dress the very large registration area which was also the main thoroughfare for the conference. They are a not-for-profit membership organisation who were looking to showcase the advantages of membership rather than have any particular product to sell. The organisation wanted to highlight their 3 distinct business areas and include a virtual bookshop and small meeting space. We achieved this by creating 3 separate stand alone areas in the shape of hexagons to reflect their Corporate Logo, two of them twinned with Nintendo Wii games areas to arrest the traffic, with the third accomodating the bookshop and meeting space. This gave them both ownership of the area and accessibility for the delegates with ample opportunity for the staff to interact with those watching or participating in the Wii games in a relaxed and informal setting.



Bespoke Build - Case Study 2

The brief from The Institute of Clinical Research was unusual in that they were the event organisers but wanted to have an exhibiting space distinct from the main exhibition hall.