Bespoke Build

The investment in a custom stand is not insubstantial. There are many companies offering this service. However, their approach is often based on the fact that they have invested in large format printers or specific construction materials making most of their stands appear similar in style. The shape of the stands may differ but the result is mainly a series of 'hoardings' carrying company logos and bullet pointed 'USPs'.

At Stretton Design we offer you an alternative. We start with a clean sheet of paper without any bias. In our opinion, a more welcoming, visually appealing space makes it more likely that people will stop so you can speak to them and by an economical and careful use of copy, ensures that you have more to say to them when they do.

How do we do this?

Using a variety of materials we will create an inviting space rather than the somewhat sterile environment most often encountered. The method we employ will vary greatly depending on your needs and profile whilst working within your current Corporate Identity.