Shell Schemes

OK you've booked your shell scheme space and you are now considering what to put in it. It could be that you are new to exhibiting or are an experienced exhibitor looking for a new approach. If so, you will have noticed that the pop-up stand, although at one time the perfect answer to the company working on a modest budget, has now become so popular it no longer has the impact it once did.

At Stretton Design we offer you an alternative. Rather than bombarding people with graphic images and copy, we will design a space which is fundamentally different to the rest.

How do we do this?

In our opinion the best stands pose a question rather than give all the answers. This approach makes it more likely that people will stop so you can speak to them and ensures that you have more to say to them when they do. The method we employ to achieve this will vary depending on your needs and profile whilst ensuring that the design is consistent with your Corporate Identity.